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Things We Never Got Over Series Cover

The Things We Never Got Over Series has been making waves in the fiction world, capturing the hearts and minds of readers globally. If you’ve been contemplating diving into this series but are unsure of where to start or if it’s worth your time, this guide is for you.

Things We Never Got Over Series Cover

Things We Never Got Over Series Overview

Lucy Score’s Things We Never Got Over Series is a captivating journey set in the small town of Knockemout. It captures readers with its blend of romance, comedy, and drama. The series starts with “Things We Never Got Over,” introducing us to Naomi. She is a runaway bride who unexpectedly finds herself stranded with a niece she never knew existed. Enter Knox Morgan, the town’s grumpy business owner, who despite his reservations, can’t help but get involved in Naomi’s chaotic life.

The sequel, “Things We Hide from the Light,” delves into the life of Knox’s brother, Nash Morgan, the town’s Police Chief. After a traumatic event, Nash’s life is turned upside down, only to find solace in his brother’s ex, Angelina Solavita.

The series continues with “Things We Left Behind,” focusing on Lucian Rollins, a man on a mission to rebuild his family’s legacy. He has a tumultuous relationship with a fiery librarian, Sloane Walton. The series is a roller-coaster of emotions, filled with love, secrets, and the charm of small-town life.

Below is the Things We Never Got Over (Knockemout) series reading order you should follow to get it just right:

Book 1: Things We Never Got Over

Things We Never Got Over Summary

This one came out in 2022. In the heart of a quaint small town, Naomi Witt, a woman in her thirties, finds herself irresistibly drawn to the enigmatic bar owner, Knox Morgan. After escaping a tumultuous past relationship, Naomi is hesitant. But Knox’s magnetic charm, combined with his bad-boy allure, reignites her belief in love. Lucy Score masterfully paints a tale of rediscovering passion. It emphasizes the resilience of a heart once broken and the transformative power of love.

The narrative beautifully intertwines themes of sibling rivalry, the intricacies of adoption, and the double-edged sword of wealth in relationships. While the story starts at a leisurely pace, immersing readers in the town’s ambiance, it gradually builds momentum. It leads to a crescendo of emotions. Knox, with his gruff exterior, contrasts Naomi’s spirit. Yet their interactions brim with palpable tension, eventually melting into a heartwarming romance. Their journey, filled with challenges and tender moments, is a testament to love’s healing power.

Supporting characters like the vivacious Waylay and Knox’s close-knit circle, including Nash and Lucian, enrich the narrative. Their individual stories and dynamics add layers of humor, depth, and potential future tales.

Book 2: Things We Hide From The Light

Things We Hide From The Light Book Summary

Returning to the charming town of Knockemout, Lucy Score’s sequel, “Things We Hide From The Light,” is a riveting tale that surpasses even its predecessor. The story centers around Nash Morgan, the town’s police chief, who’s grappling with the aftermath of a traumatic incident.

While his physical wounds are healing, Nash is ensnared in a web of PTSD, manifesting in panic attacks, depression, and haunting nightmares. Enter Lina, a fiery, thrill-seeking insurance worker and Nash’s temporary neighbor. Their interactions are electric, filled with undeniable chemistry and a tension that keeps readers on the edge. Despite Nash’s yearning for stability and Lina’s aversion to commitment, their connection is palpable, making their journey towards love an exhilarating ride.

The narrative skillfully intertwines romance with elements of mystery and suspense. As the backdrop of Knox and Naomi’s wedding sets in, looming threats and past demons resurface, jeopardizing Nash and Lina’s budding relationship. Score delves deep into themes of mental health, trust, and the dichotomy of light versus darkness. The transformation of both Nash and Lina, from their initial struggles to their eventual healing, is beautifully portrayed. This makes their love story all the more compelling.

Book 3: Things We Left Behind

Things We Left Behind Book Summary

Mark your calendars, because Lucy Score’s next installment in the beloved Knockemout series, “Things We Left Behind,” is slated for release on September 5, 2023. This eagerly awaited third novel promises to delve into the fiery dynamics between Lucian and Sloane. It’s a pair whose electric tension has been palpable throughout the series. Their love-hate relationship, filled with witty banter and undeniable chemistry, is sure to captivate readers.

In a sneak peek shared by the publisher, we get a glimpse of the playful camaraderie between the series’ heartthrobs: Nash, Knox, and Lucian. The snippet reveals a conversation centered around Sloane, showcasing Lucian’s attempts to feign indifference towards her, much to the amusement of his counterparts. The dialogue is rife with humor, as Knox and Nash tease Lucian about his evident feelings for Sloane, cleverly using a “burrito” as a metaphor. This light-hearted banter, combined with Lucian’s internal struggle regarding Sloane, hints at a romance that’s both tantalizing and endearing.

The anticipation surrounding Lucian and Sloane’s story is immense. And if the snippet is any indication, “Things We Left Behind” is set to be another unforgettable addition to the series. September can’t come soon enough!

Who Should Read the “Things We Never Got Over Series”?

If you’re a romance aficionado who relishes tales of rediscovered passion, heartwarming small-town dynamics, and characters that leap off the page, Lucy Score’s “Things We Never Got Over Series” is tailor-made for you. From the magnetic pull between Naomi and Knox in the first book to the fiery tension of Lucian and Sloane, this series offers a delightful mix of humor, suspense, and sizzling chemistry.

Fans of intricate character development, brotherly banter, and stories that oscillate between heart-wrenching moments and laugh-out-loud scenes will find themselves utterly captivated. Dive in and let Knockemout’s charm sweep you off your feet!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: What is Things We Got Over Series about?

The series delves into love, redemption, and small-town dynamics. It focuses on characters like Naomi, Knox, Nash, and Lucian as they navigate relationships and personal challenges.

2: What is the order of Things We Never Got Over series?

The series begins with “Things We Never Got Over,” followed by “Things We Hide From The Light,” with “Things We Left Behind” as the anticipated third installment.

3: Is there a Movie or TV Series based on Things We Got Over Series?

As of now, there’s no confirmed movie or TV adaptation for the series.

4: What is the Knockemout Series?

The series “Things We Never Got Over” is collectively called Knockemout Series by Lucy Score.

5: How many Knockemout books will there be?

Currently, three books are known in the series, with the third set to release soon. Future additions haven’t been confirmed yet.

6: What genre is the Knockemout Series?

The Knockemout Series falls under the contemporary romance genre, infused with elements of mystery and drama.

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