Things We Hide From the Light Book Summary – By Lucy Score

Things We Hide From The Light Book Summary
Things We Hide From The Light Book Summary

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Building upon the events of “Things We Never Got Over,” Lucy Score’s “Things We Hide from the Light” follows police chief Nash Morgan as he grapples with the aftermath of a near-fatal shooting. The arrival of Lina, an insurance investigator connected to his past, offers a chance at healing and a passionate romance in the enchanting town of Knockemout.

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First Published in: 2023

Things We Hide From The Light is the second book in the series “Knockemout” written by Lucy Score. It started with the book “Things We Never Got Over” which was released in 2022 while the third book to complete this trilogy named “Things We Left Behind” is expected to be published later in 2023 itself.

Content Warning: The summary contains mention of adult intimate content as depicted by author in the book.

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Part 1

For months, Nash Morgan, the valiant Police Chief of Knockemout, Virginia, has been haunted by the memory of a failed operation that nearly cost him his life. Lured into the chaotic web of a stolen car ring led by the notorious Duncan Hugo, Nash sustained a gunshot wound that left him grappling with PTSD. Despite an unwavering FBI shadow to ward off potential revenge from the criminal clan, Nash feels besieged by paranoia, his life dominated by counseling sessions and medication.

Just next door, the intriguing Angelina Solavita, an accomplished insurance investigator, settles into her new apartment. Known for her prowess in reclaiming stolen possessions, Lina shares a past romantic connection with Nash’s brother, Knox.

Masking her own psychological torment tied to a near-death experience at the tender age of 15, Lina is in town with a secret mission to recover a purloined vintage Porsche. The mutual attraction between Nash and Lina is instant, yet she views the dashing Nash as a fleeting diversion, courtesy of her itinerant lifestyle. On the other hand, Nash, deeply scarred by his recent ordeal, craves the anchor of a steady relationship.

Meanwhile, at the police department, Nash has his hands full with Officer Tate Dilton, a greenhorn whose career is already marred by a barrage of harassment allegations. Matters escalate when a racially profiled traffic stop results in a looming lawsuit against the department. In the wake of this crisis, Nash is compelled to place Dilton on a paid hiatus.

Part 2

As Lina probes deeper into the missing Porsche mystery, she discerns links between the culprit who shot Nash and the theft ring. As both their investigations intersect, so do their personal lives. The intensity of their shared experiences, from passionate encounters to mutual confessions of vulnerability, fosters an undeniable connection. A skydiving adventure, initiated by Lina, becomes a metaphor for their profound love, as they plunge earthward together, entwined both literally and emotionally.

Meanwhile, the town’s Halloween celebration turns sour when Tate Dilton, inebriated and belligerent, targets Lina and her friends. Nash intervenes, backed by his brother and allies. This results in a heated skirmish, and in its aftermath, Nash decides to suspend Tate from duty.

Bolstered by a supportive network, Lina and Nash intensify their efforts to uncover the truth about Nash’s shooting. Young Waylay, Nash’s niece, unwittingly provides a significant clue. She remembers a candy-eating thug from the night of Nash’s shooting. Similarly, Lina spots a mysterious man buying the same candy. This leads them to suspect Duncan Hugo, who seems connected to the stolen Porsche and possibly Nash’s shooting.

Delving further, they uncover Duncan’s ambitions to usurp his father’s criminal empire. His desire to cooperate with federal agents exposes his continued presence in Knockemout, and hints that Nash’s shooting was a mishandled operation by an underling. However, the mystery remains, obscured by questions of Duncan’s whereabouts and true intentions.

Part 3 – How Does “Things We Hide From The Light” Book End?

A significant encounter leaves Nash in turmoil when he crosses paths with his estranged father at a car accident scene. Consumed by a sense of overwhelming helplessness, Nash impulsively ends his relationship with Lina, leaving her puzzled and hurt by his silence.

The drama further intensifies when Lina gets kidnapped by two thugs, including the man with the familiar candy. She is taken to a barn in an isolated horse farm, only to face a shocking revelation—Tate Dilton is a part of Duncan Hugo’s criminal cohort. Duncan himself makes an unexpected appearance, further escalating the tense situation.

However, Lina is not one to be easily overpowered. Cleverly escaping her restraints, she outsmarts Duncan and Tate, using a video game console to relay her location. Nash and his friends arrive swiftly, leading to a dramatic confrontation. It’s in this moment Nash’s memory jolts back, recognising Tate as his shooter. In a heart-stopping encounter, Nash eliminates the threat, shooting Tate dead while Duncan Hugo is apprehended. Overwhelmed, Lina and Nash reunite, finding solace in each other’s arms.

Time heals, and at his brother’s wedding, Nash takes a significant step, presenting Lina with an engagement ring. They dream of a shared future, painting a picture of their lives intertwined. Fast forward five years, a radiant Lina and a content Nash eagerly await the arrival of their twins, marking a joyful continuation of their unique journey.

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