Things We Never Got Over Book Summary – By Lucy Score

Things We Never Got Over Summary
Things We Never Got Over Summary

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Lucy Score’s “Things We Never Got Over” follows Naomi Witt, who seeks a fresh start after ending a toxic relationship. Her journey takes her to Knockemout, Virginia, where she discovers a world of challenges and unexpected responsibilities. As she faces the trials of this rough town, Naomi must redefine herself and find love in unexpected places.

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First Published in: 2022

Things We Never Got Over happens to be the 1st part in the book series “Knockemout” by Lucy Score. The series has a second part “Things We Never Hide From Light” which came out late in 2022.

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Part 1

Our story unfolds through the alternating perspectives of Naomi Witt and Knox Morgan. Naomi, recently a runaway bride, escapes her ill-fated engagement and lands in the quaint town of Knockemout, Virginia. Eager to reconcile with her estranged twin sister, Tina, she finds herself unwittingly abandoned once more as Tina flees, leaving her wise-beyond-her-years 11-year-old daughter, Waylay, in Naomi’s care. Undeterred, Naomi takes up the mantle of guardianship, quickly forming a nurturing bond with the sharp-witted Waylay.

Seeking employment, Naomi encounters Knox Morgan, a former lottery winner turned charismatic bartender. Knox, who turned his good fortune into owning the town bar and a strip of local shops, lives a secluded life with his basset hound, nursing the wounds of a strained relationship with his brother, Nash, the town sheriff.

There’s an undeniable attraction between Naomi and Knox, although both shy away from commitment. Nevertheless, Knox extends a helping hand to Naomi and Waylay, especially as Child Protective Services hovers, ensuring Waylay’s wellbeing. Amidst settling into small-town life and navigating friendships, Naomi finds herself at the heart of the Morgan brothers’ rivalry, a tension that dissolves when Nash is shot during a traffic stop. Surviving the incident, Nash acknowledges his brother’s deepening affection for Naomi.

Part 2

Naomi, driven by her concern for her missing sister, decides to introduce her previously oblivious parents to their granddaughter, Waylay. Her parents make a swift appearance in Knockemout, lending a hand to Naomi and forming bonds with their newfound kin. As she juggles these familial dynamics, Naomi finds herself gradually succumbing to the charm of Knox’s rough edges, leading to a passionate night between them. Even then, they hesitate to label it love or envision a potential relationship.

The tranquility of their small-town life is disrupted when Naomi’s ex-fiancé descends on the bar, demanding her return to New York. Knox, stepping into his newfound protector role, diffuses the situation with a well-placed punch. As their bond strengthens, Knox shares his struggles around his lottery windfall, its consequential familial discord, and the specter of his father’s alcohol addiction. However, fear of commitment causes a rift between Naomi and Knox, and they separate.

In an unexpected twist, Tina reappears, spiriting away Waylay and luring Naomi to a deserted industrial park near Washington. Here, Naomi encounters Tina’s boyfriend, a wannabe kingpin linked to a notorious Washington crime syndicate. The pair, in possession of a flash drive loaded with incriminating data on their expansive car theft operation, need to recover the hidden device. Believing Waylay holds the key to its location, they threaten Naomi’s life, unveiling the mystery behind Nash’s shooting incident.

Part 3 – Things We Never Got Over Book Ending

In the brink-of-disaster moment, the Morgan brothers, spearheading a police force, burst onto the scene, causing pandemonium. Amid the confusion, Tina’s boyfriend slips away unnoticed. The traumatic event spurs Knox to reassess his feelings for Naomi, leading him to propose amidst the turmoil. With Tina headed for a long stint in prison, Naomi and Knox decide to adopt Waylay officially.

Fast forward five years, Naomi and Knox grapple with the bittersweet moment of sending a college-bound Waylay off on her soccer scholarship. During this period, Knox makes peace with his father, now boasting three years of sobriety. The couple, unable to conceive, have embraced the joy of adoption, welcoming two little girls into their home. Alongside their supportive friends and family, Naomi and Knox gear up for the exhilarating whirlwind of love-filled years awaiting them.

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