The 6 Types Of Working Genius – Book Summary

The 6 Types Of Working Genius Book Summary
The 6 Types Of Working Genius Book Summary

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“The 6 Types of Working Genius” is a book written by Patrick Lencioni in which she describes six types of working geniuses are required to get things done in any company. Lencioni asserts that each of us thrives on two of these types of work, competent at two more, and mostly incompetent at the final two.

Summary Read Time: 4-5 minutes

Actual Book Length: 181

First Published in: 2022

The 6 Types Of Working Genius Are:

  1. Wonder
  2. Invention
  3. Discernment
  4. Galvanizing
  5. Enablement
  6. Tenacity

Below is the detailed yet quick summary of the book 6 types of working genius. The types can be covered under the acronym “WIDGET”:

1: The Genius Of Wonder

This type of genius describes a person’s natural gift of pondering the possibility of greater potential and opportunity in a given situation. People with the Wonder genius constantly question whether things could be better and are curious about the need to change something.

They are obsessed with untapped potential and often ask “why?” and “why not?”. While they don’t always have solutions to the problems they raise, they are driven by the idea that something isn’t right and are always looking to improve things and help people reach their potential.

2: The Genius Of Invention

People with the creativity working genius have the natural gift of creating original and novel ideas and solutions. They take ideas from others and come up with workable solutions. These people get energy by looking at an empty whiteboard, and they love coming up with new ideas and solutions. They are drawn toward origination, creativity, ingenuity and are always looking to figure out things.

3: The Genius Of Discernment

Discernment is all about instinct and evaluating ideas and situations. People with this type of genius have a natural ability to make sound decisions based on their gut feel and judgment. They are feedback machines who provide inventors with insight and knowledge, and are good at curating data without using spreadsheets. They are always asking “What about this?” and provide feedback and guidance to others.

These geniuses are always looking to make a decision if they should be doing something or not.

4: The Genius Of Galvanizing

Galvanizing is a genius type that revolves around rallying people and inspiring them to take action on an idea or initiative. These individuals bring energy and movement to a concept and are skilled in organizing others to take action. They excel in initiating activity and motivating people to get involved.

This type of genius is supported by enablers who enjoy being the glue that brings everything together. Their motto is, “If this is a good idea, let me get everyone moving in the right direction.”

5: The Genius Of Enablement

This working genius is all about providing assistance to others in the way that they need it, without any conditions or restrictions. People with this gift know how to connect and cooperate with others, and they offer encouragement and help without being asked. These enablers are responders who know how to respond to the needs of others and help them find their own genius. They are the supportive glue that holds successful organizations together.

6: The Genius Of Tenacity

The sixth type of working genius is about ensuring that a project is completed and achieves the desired result. People with this genius push for required standards of excellence and live to see the impact of their work. Organizations that lack this working genius struggle to finish projects. They work well with enablers who provide everything they need to cross the finish line.

How To Identify Your Working Genius?

Identifying your working genius involves understanding how the six geniuses work in pairs, and knowing where you fit in. Pairings are critical when deciding who should attend meetings, and having the right genius at the right time can make teams work better. If one of these geniuses is missing, organizations can find and hire the missing link, borrow from another department, or find a temporary solution.

The six geniuses can be classified into two broader categories: responsive and disruptive. Most people tend to possess two geniuses, so identifying where you stand is crucial.

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