Punk 57 Book Summary – by Penelope Douglas

Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas - Book Summary
Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas - Book Summary

3 Sentence Punk 57 Summary

Punk 57, written by Penelope Douglas, is a story about Ryen and Misha – two friends who were joined as pen-pals by mistake when they were children. They’ve been inseparable since then, sharing everything with each other through letters – even though they’ve never met. That is until a tragic accident happened and Misha suddenly stopped replying.

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First Published in: 2016

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Punk 57 Summary – Part 1

‘Punk 57’ is a story about two high school students who become friends through mail. Because of confusion related to their names, Misha and Ryen were paired as pen pals during grade school. After 7 years of writing to each other, they became best friends who knew almost everything about one another. Their friendship was genuine, sweet and real. Because they were both afraid of ruining the friendship they had established through their letters, they decided they wouldn’t check each other on social media, exchange phone numbers or pictures.

Misha is a caring and passionate individual who stands up for what he believes in. As the lead singer of a band, he often finds himself writing lyrics and soon comes to the realization that Ryen is his muse. Even though Ryen is a beautiful and caring girl, she only shows her bitchy persona to the world. Because of the things she went through in her childhood, she doesn’t want to be different and in order to fit into the popular crowd; she acts as a different person.

In the middle of the night, everything comes crashing down. At a party that Misha’s band mates are throwing, he meets Ryen and because her name is so unique. He instantly knows that she is the girl he has been exchanging letters with for the past seven years. However, the Ryen he meets is different than the one he knows from the letters and after facing a huge disappointment, Misha’s world is turned upside down with a tragic event.

Three months after the tragedy that claimed his sister’s life, Misha enrolls in Ryen’s high school under a new identity – Masen. He’s got his own agenda, and staying away from Ryen is part of it. But he can’t help pushing her, trying to see if the girl he once knew is still in there somewhere.

Punk 57 Summary – Part 2

Lyla tries to get close to Masen, but he’s not interested. He’s more focused on the duality of Ryen’s character, seeing glimpses of the Ryen he knows from their letters amidst her popular façade. However, Ryen surprises him with a bold move, writing an insulting message on his neck with a pen in front of everyone.

Masen is called to the principal’s office, fearing he’s been discovered. However, the principal, who is also Trey’s stepmother, just wants to get to know him better. She offers support and subtly warns him about Trey.

Ryen offers Masen a scarf to cover the message she wrote on his neck. Instead, he demands her nail polish remover. They engage in a playful yet tense exchange, with Masen using one of Ryen’s scarves to remove the ink.

Masen grapples with his feelings for Ryen and the reasons he’s at the school. He’s torn between his mission and his growing attraction to her. He’s also haunted by memories of his sister, Annie, and the life he left behind.

Sneaking into his family home, Masen overhears his father expressing regret about their strained relationship. The pain of losing Annie is palpable, and Masen’s guilt over not being there for his family intensifies.

Masen leaves a blue scarf in Ryen’s Jeep as a replacement for the one he ruined. He leaves a note, clarifying that he didn’t steal it, hinting at their playful yet charged dynamic. Masen discovers his truck has been vandalized with white paint. The act draws attention, and the tension in the school parking lot is palpable.

Punk 57 Summary – Part 3

The story continues with Masen’s internal struggle about revealing his true identity to Ryen. He’s torn between confessing and fearing that she’ll hate him once she discovers the truth. He sneaks into her house early in the morning, contemplating how to tell her.

Masen unexpectedly finds Ryen in a compromising situation in her bedroom. Their chemistry is palpable, and they share an intimate moment. Their relationship is passionate but filled with secrets. After their intimate encounter, Masen leaves Ryen’s room, ensuring he isn’t caught by her family. Their relationship is still clandestine, and they both seem to enjoy the thrill of sneaking around.

At school, Ryen and her friend Lyla are involved in a bake sale. Masen and his friends approach, and there’s playful banter between them. Masen’s mysterious nature continues to intrigue Ryen, and she’s drawn to him despite the secrets he’s keeping.

Masen invites Ryen out for the evening, hinting at a potentially illegal adventure. Despite her reservations, Ryen agrees, intrigued by the idea of spending more time with him and discovering more about his mysterious life.

As they drive together, Ryen’s nervousness is evident. She’s aware of the risks she’s taking, especially given her future aspirations and college acceptances. Yet, her infatuation with Masen makes it hard for her to refuse him anything.

During their drive, music plays a significant role, with songs like “So Cold” by Breaking Benjamin setting the mood. Ryen finds herself wanting to know more about Masen’s past and his preferences. Ryen contemplates her actions, realizing that her attraction to Masen might be leading her to make risky decisions. She acknowledges the power he has over her, especially in intimate moments.

Part 4 – How Does Punk 57 Book End?

Masen and Ryen’s bond deepens, with them sharing intimate moments. At school, Masen’s rebellious nature is evident, and he’s called to the principal’s office, though he dismisses the summons. Ryen is concerned about Masen’s well-being and is always on the lookout for him. She’s also aware of the threats from Trey and is wary of the dangers he poses.

Ryen discovers Manny, a fellow student, in distress in the school bathroom, revealing the extent of the bullying he faces. This incident becomes a pivotal moment, leading Ryen to show her support for Manny in the school lunchroom. This act of solidarity is met with resistance, but Masen’s presence provides a sense of security for Ryen.

As the story progresses, Ryen learns more about Masen’s past, particularly about his sister, Annie. This revelation adds depth to their relationship, as Ryen realizes the weight of the secrets Masen has been carrying.

Towards the end, Masen’s band performs at the school prom, dedicating a song to Ryen, further cementing their connection. The story concludes with a sense of hope for their relationship, despite the challenges they’ve faced.

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