Corrupt by Penelope Douglas – Book Summary

Corrupt by Penelope Douglas Book Summary
Corrupt by Penelope Douglas Book Summary

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“Corrupt” by Penelope Douglas is a dark romance novel that tells the story of Erika “Rika” Fane, a young woman who gets entangled with a group of dangerous boys known as the Horsemen. The novel is known for its dark, gritty atmosphere and intense, suspenseful plot.

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Actual Book Length: 516

First Published in: 2015

Corrupt is the 1st book in the haunted books series Devil’s Night.

Below is the detailed yet quick summary of the book:

Part 1

The novel by Penelope Douglas, follows the journey of Erika “Rika” Fane, a young woman entwined with a group of dangerous boys called the Horsemen—Michael Crist, Kai Mori, Will Grayson, and Damon Torrance.

The story begins with Rika moving to Thunder Bay to start college and escape her overbearing mother. Rika has been in love with Michael Crist. Michael is the son of the town’s mayor and a former basketball star, for years. However, Michael has never reciprocated her feelings and seems to harbor resentment toward her.

One night, a year before the main events of the story, Rika gets involved in a dangerous prank when she is invited to a party at Michael Crist’s house. She is unaware that the Horsemen have planned an elaborate and dangerous prank that involves breaking into a rival school’s gym and sabotaging it. The prank spirals out of control when the Horsemen encounter a homeless man living in the gym. The situation escalates, resulting in the man’s accidental death. Rika, horrified by the events, attempts to call for help, but the Horsemen prevent her from doing so.

To protect themselves, the Horsemen pin the blame on Michael’s younger brother, Trevor. Trevor takes the fall for the crime, and his life is ruined in the process. Believing that Rika is responsible for Trevor’s demise, the Horsemen secretly vow to seek revenge on her.

Part 2

As Rika starts college in Thunder Bay, she becomes increasingly haunted by her past and the tragic event she was involved in. Meanwhile, the Horsemen begin to carry out their revenge plan, tormenting and manipulating Rika in various ways. Their actions become increasingly sinister as they draw her into their dark world, forcing her to confront her fears and face the consequences of her involvement in the prank.

Rika’s journey of self-discovery and her determination to fight back against the Horsemen. This eventually leads her to uncover the truth about the Horsemen’s actions. She learns about the secret Nightworld club which turns out to be a dangerous underground establishment. It’s where the Horsemen engage in illegal activities and brutal fights. As she delves deeper into the Horsemen’s world, Rika starts to understand the complex relationships and power dynamics that exist between the four friends and the driving forces behind their quest for vengeance.

Throughout her journey, Rika encounters a series of revelations. She faces betrayals and twists which force her to question everything she thought she knew about the Horsemen and their motivations. She discovers that the situation is far more complicated than she initially believed. It had layers of secrets and deception that extend beyond the surface.

Part 3

As Rika confronts the Horsemen and uncovers the truth about the night of the prank, she forces them to face the consequences of their actions. She wants to bring about a cathartic resolution for herself and the Horsemen. The revelations and confrontations that occur during this process change the dynamics between Rika and the Horsemen. That leads them to reevaluate their motivations and desires, and to face the darker aspects of their own nature.

While Michael struggles with his feelings for Rika and his desire for revenge, Rika tries to uncover the truth behind the Horsemen’s actions.

In the climax of the story, Rika confronts Michael and the other Horsemen. She reveals the truth about the night of the prank and forcing them to face the consequences of their actions. Michael and Rika finally admit their feelings for each other, but they must overcome their dark pasts and confront their demons to find redemption.

The novel ends with Rika and Michael deciding to leave Thunder Bay together. They plan to start a new life where they can face their future without the shadows of their pasts. Despite the darkness that has engulfed their lives, Rika and Michael find a sense of hope and the possibility of a better future.

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