Credence Book Summary – By Penelope Douglas

Credence Book Summary
Credence Book Summary

2 Sentence Credence Book Summary

In Penelope Douglas’ Credence, a 17-year-old girl becomes an orphan and is placed under the care of her estranged step-uncle in a remote Colorado location. Amidst complex relationships and emotional struggles, she forms intense connections with her step-cousins, leading to the uncovering of dark secrets.

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Actual Book Length: 470

First Published in: 2020

Below is the detailed yet quick Credence book summary:

Credence Book Summary – Part 1

“Credence” opens with the protagonist, Tiernan de Haas, grappling with the sudden death of her parents. The first few pages are filled with her reflections on her parents’ relationship and her own disconnectedness from them. Tiernan’s parents, a famous couple, lived a life of glamour and fame, leaving Tiernan feeling like an outsider in her own home. Their unexpected death leaves her in a state of shock and confusion, especially when she learns that her father had been battling cancer, a fact he kept hidden from her.

Tiernan’s parents’ death is revealed to be a suicide pact, a decision they made without leaving any note or explanation for their daughter. This leaves Tiernan feeling even more isolated and hurt. She’s left to deal with the aftermath, the media frenzy, and the loneliness that comes with being the only one left in her family.

In the midst of her grief and confusion, Tiernan receives a call from her estranged uncle, Jake Van der Berg. Jake, her father’s step-brother, lives a secluded life in Colorado with his two sons, Noah and Kaleb. He offers Tiernan a place to stay, but makes it clear that she’s not obligated to accept his offer.

Despite her initial hesitation, Tiernan decides to take up her uncle’s offer. She’s drawn to the idea of a quiet, secluded life away from the media’s prying eyes. She’s also intrigued by the prospect of getting to know her only living relatives.

Upon her arrival in Colorado, Tiernan is met with a stark contrast to her previous life. The quiet, simple life that Jake and his sons Noah & Kaleb lead is a far cry from the glitz and glamour of her parents’ world. Despite the initial awkwardness and unfamiliarity, Tiernan finds herself drawn to this new life.

Jake is often seen teaching Tiernan about survival in the wilderness, insisting that she learn to hunt and fend for herself.

Tiernan is slowly adjusting to her new life and is getting to know Noah and Kaleb better. She experiences a range of emotions, from frustration to amusement, as she navigates her new surroundings and relationships.

Credence Book Summary – Part 2

Noah, one of the main characters, is seen engaging in a sexual encounter with Remi, his ex’s younger sister. He’s clearly not into it, but he’s trying to avoid confronting his father. Noah is bored with his life and feels trapped in his current situation, longing for a change.

On the other hand, Tiernan is seen struggling with the mundane tasks assigned to her. Noah finds her frustration amusing and they engage in a playful tussle for the bathroom. This interaction reveals a softer side of Noah, who seems to enjoy the light-hearted banter with Tiernan.

However, their playful interaction is interrupted by Remi, who is still in Noah’s room. Noah, not wanting to deal with her, locks himself and Tiernan in the bathroom. This leads to a series of humorous and awkward moments between them, including a fall into the bathtub.

As they sit in the bathtub, Noah and Tiernan share a moment of connection. Noah, who is usually closed off, opens up to Tiernan about his feelings of being trapped. Tiernan, in turn, shares her experiences in L.A. and her love for the beach. This conversation reveals a deeper understanding and connection between the two characters.

Tiernan then shares a poignant memory of her walking into the ocean with a backpack full of books, intending to drown herself. This revelation adds a layer of depth to her character, revealing her past struggles and hinting at the emotional pain she carries.

Tiernan, Noah, and Kaleb go to a local event where dirt bike racing is taking place. Tiernan is fascinated by the spectacle and finds herself cheering for Noah, who is participating in the race. This event serves as a bonding experience for the trio and also provides Tiernan with a glimpse into Noah and Kaleb’s world.

The trio also gets into a bit of trouble when they are chased by the police after a dirt bike race. This event adds a dash of excitement and danger to their lives, further bonding them together.

Credence Book Summary – Part 3

Tiernan also has a few encounters with Jake, her uncle. These interactions are often awkward and filled with tension. Jake is a mysterious figure in Tiernan’s life, and she is unsure of how to navigate their relationship.

Tiernan finds herself exploring her sexuality. She indulges in fantasies and self-pleasure, further exploring her desires and feelings for Noah and Kaleb.

Jake’s internal struggle with his feelings for Tiernan is evident from the start. He’s torn between his desire for her and his sense of responsibility. He’s also aware of the tension between Tiernan and his brothers, Noah and Kaleb, and is unsure of how to navigate this situation.

Tiernan’s initiation into the harsh realities of survival in the wilderness is a significant part of this section. Jake insists that she learn to hunt, which leads to an emotionally charged scene where Tiernan is forced to kill a deer. This experience is traumatic for her, but Jake insists it’s necessary for her survival.

The tension between Tiernan and Jake escalates, leading to a physical confrontation. Tiernan lashes out at Jake, accusing him of being the worst thing her parents could have done to her. Jake, in turn, suggests that she was sent to him as a form of payment for a debt her parents owed him. This confrontation leads to a passionate encounter between them.

The narrative then shifts to a hunting trip where Tiernan is forced to kill a deer for the first time. This experience is traumatic for her, but Jake insists it’s necessary for her survival. The event leads to a heated argument between Tiernan and Jake, culminating in a passionate encounter in the snow.

Tiernan’s relationship with Jake continues to evolve, with both of them struggling to understand their feelings for each other. Tiernan reveals that her parents sent her to live with Jake because they believed he was weak and wouldn’t pose a threat to her. This revelation leads to another passionate encounter between them.

Credence Book Summary – Part 4

The tension between Jake and Tiernan continues to build, culminating in a heated argument in which Tiernan accuses Jake of being weak. This leads to another passionate encounter between them, during which Tiernan admits that she enjoys when Jake is intimate with her.

Jake is asserting his control over Tiernan, stopping their intimate encounter abruptly and leaving her unsatisfied. He confronts her about her earlier accusations, insisting that he doesn’t need her inheritance and that she likes living with him. This leaves their relationship in a state of uncertainty.

Tiernan is seen struggling with her feelings for Jake, Noah, and Kaleb. She is often confused and unsure of her feelings, leading to several emotional moments. Despite the challenges, Tiernan continues to navigate her complex relationships with Jake, Noah, and Kaleb, leading to several dramatic and emotional moments.

The story takes a darker turn. Tiernan and Kaleb’s relationship becomes more tumultuous, with Kaleb’s aggressive behavior causing Tiernan to seek refuge with Noah. This incident sparks a revelation about Kaleb’s past, as Noah shares the traumatic story of their mother leaving Kaleb alone in a car for four days when he was a child. This event led to Kaleb’s silence and his difficulty in forming emotional connections.

Tiernan, feeling guilty and empathetic towards Kaleb, tries to comfort him, but their interaction is strained and awkward. Kaleb’s destructive behavior continues as he burns Tiernan’s cherished wooden chest, a symbol of her creative expression and independence. This act of destruction pushes Tiernan to her breaking point, and she retaliates by destroying her own work in a fit of rage.

As the days pass, Tiernan becomes more withdrawn and announces her plans to leave in April, much earlier than expected. She feels alienated and hurt, especially after learning that Kaleb is in love with her. Despite Jake’s attempts to explain Kaleb’s actions and feelings, Tiernan remains resolute in her decision to leave.

However, it is Kaleb who ends up leaving the house. Tiernan is left behind, feeling a mix of relief and guilt. She is advised by Jake to stay at the house and not to leave, as Kaleb’s aggressive behavior has escalated and he needs to be away from her for a while

Part 5 – How Does Credence Book End?

Though later Tiernan finds herself missing Kaleb and wondering about his whereabouts. She visits his room, seeking some connection to him, but finds that his scent, which used to linger, is now gone. Despite the tension and heartbreak, life goes on for the rest of the household.

It’s revealed later that Kaleb has been staying at a fishing cabin since he left the house. After a period of tension and uncertainty, Kaleb finally returns home. It’s late April when Kaleb comes back, after being away for over two months. His return is a surprise to Tiernan, who encounters him unexpectedly in the woods while she is out for a walk. Kaleb’s return brings a sense of relief to Tiernan, who had been struggling with her feelings for him during his absence.

Towards the end of the book, Tiernan is seen struggling with her feelings for Kaleb, Noah, and Jake. She is often confused and unsure of her feelings, leading to several emotional moments. Despite the challenges, Tiernan continues to navigate her complex relationships with Kaleb, Noah, and Jake, leading to several dramatic and emotional moments.

In the final pages, Tiernan is seen burying the ashes of her parents, a symbolic act that signifies her acceptance of their death and her decision to move forward.

The book ends on a hopeful note, with Tiernan expressing her desire to stay with Kaleb, Noah, and Jake. Despite the challenges and heartbreak, she has found a sense of belonging and love with them. This conclusion brings a sense of closure to the story, leaving the reader with a sense of hope for Tiernan’s future.

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