Birthday Girl Book Summary – By Penelope Douglas

Birthday Girl Book Summary
Birthday Girl Book Summary

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Penelope Douglas’ Birthday Girl delves into an age gap forbidden romance between Jordan, her boyfriend Cole, and his father Pike. Despite the taboo premise, the story evolves into a slow-burning, emotionally charged connection between two individuals with a significant age difference.

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First Published in: 2018

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Part 1

The story introduces us to Jordan, a young woman who is navigating the complexities of life, love, and adulthood. She works as a bartender and is in a relationship with her friend-turned-boyfriend, Cole. However, she often finds herself frustrated with Cole’s unreliability, especially when it comes to picking her up from work. On one such night, when Cole fails to answer her calls, she decides to kill time by going to a midnight showing of “Evil Dead” at a local theater.

Jordan is a character who is struggling to make ends meet. She’s juggling work, school, and a relationship, all while trying to maintain her independence. She’s also dealing with the embarrassment of not having everything figured out at her age. Despite her struggles, she remains optimistic and tries to make the best out of her situation. On this particular night, it’s her birthday, and her boss, Shel, surprises her with a box of donuts and a box of wine as a gift .

At the theater, Jordan encounters a series of mishaps. She spills her wine and loses her phone in the dark. As she searches for her phone, she encounters a man who helps her find it. They strike up a conversation, and despite her initial apprehension, she finds herself drawn to him. He’s older, charming, and unlike any nineteen-year-old she’s ever met. She is unaware of the fact yet that Pike is the father of her boyfriend Cole.

Their conversation reveals more about Jordan’s character. She’s a fan of 80s movies, she’s studying Landscape Design at Doral State, and she has a sense of humor. Pike, on the other hand, works in construction and seems to be intrigued by Jordan. There’s a palpable tension between them, but Jordan is careful to mention her boyfriend to set boundaries.

Part 2

After a night out at the theater where she first meets Pike, Jordan returns home to find their apartment trashed. Cole had attempted to throw a surprise birthday party for her, but things got out of hand. A fight broke out, neighbors complained about the noise, and Cole ended up in jail.

With their apartment in a mess and their deposit lost due to damages, Jordan and Cole find themselves without a place to stay. Pike, who turns out to be Cole’s father, offers them a place to stay at his house. He suggests that they can help with chores around the house while saving up for a new place.

Jordan is initially hesitant about the arrangement, feeling like a freeloader. However, she acknowledges that Cole doesn’t save money and that setting up a new place would require a substantial amount of cash. She decides to make every effort to leave as soon as possible.

Once they move in, Jordan tries to contribute to the household by doing things like making breakfast for everyone, cleaning, and even planting flowers in the backyard. Pike also helps by working on Jordan’s car, spending money on parts even though he acts like he got them cheap or just had them lying around.

Pike, on the other hand, is a hardworking man who seems to be drawn to Jordan, despite his best efforts to maintain a distance. He’s seen appreciating her work ethic and her potential in landscape design. However, he’s also aware of the age difference and the potential complications it could bring.

Later in the stiry Pike shows Jordan a parcel of land in his backyard that he’s been working on. It’s a significant moment as it shows Pike opening up to Jordan and sharing a part of his life with her.

Part 3

Jordan watches Pike work in the yard, chopping branches. She finds herself attracted to his physical strength and work ethic. Jordan explores Pike’s room, noting its minimalistic and impersonal decor. She feels a sense of sadness that Pike lived alone for so long.

Pike receives a mysterious phone call from Dutch, who hints at some trouble involving Jordan. Pike finds a flyer for an amateur night at a local bar, which leaves him worried.

Cole lands in trouble due to his relationship with Elena Barros. Jordan catches Cole and Elena in an intimate moment in the pool, which leaves her heartbroken and devastated. This incident leads to a fallout between Jordan and Cole, and she decides to end their relationship.

Following this, Cole’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic. He starts spending more money on partying and is often not home, which worries Pike. Cole also avoids spending time at home, especially when Pike and Jordan are around.

Eventually, Cole decides to move out of Pike’s house. He visits the house only to pick up some of his belongings and seems to be avoiding Jordan. He also appears to be avoiding Pike, who is left feeling disappointed and concerned about his son’s behavior.

In the midst of all this, Cole also gets involved in a violent confrontation with Jay, Jordan’s ex-boyfriend. This incident further complicates the family dynamics and adds to the tension in the house.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Jordan and Pike takes a turn when she finds herself alone with Pike after a night out. They share a deep conversation, and Jordan feels a connection with him. This is the first hint of a potential romantic interest between them.

As they continue to live under the same roof, their bond deepens. Jordan finds herself thinking about Pike more often, even when she’s not around him. Pike, too, seems to be affected by Jordan’s presence. He finds himself drawn to her, despite his best efforts to maintain a distance.

Part 4

Their relationship reaches a turning point when Jordan breaks up with Cole. This leaves her and Pike in a complicated situation. They are living together, but they are also dealing with their growing feelings for each other.

Jordan and Pike share a moment of intimacy when Pike helps her warm up during a storm. Jordan, scared of the storm, asks if she can sleep with Pike. He agrees, and they share the bed. Pike is aware of Jordan’s proximity, and the intimacy of the situation is palpable.

In another instance, Jordan and Pike share a passionate moment in the shower. Pike is overcome by his desire for Jordan, and they become intimate. This moment is filled with intense passion and desire, marking a significant turning point in their relationship.

Pike and Jordan also share an intimate moment when Jordan teases Pike by taking off her shorts in front of him. This moment is filled with sexual tension and desire, further intensifying their relationship. Their relationship continues to evolve, with Pike often finding himself drawn to Jordan.

The tension escalates when Pike finds Jordan’s bucket list, which includes intimate and personal wishes like spending a whole day in bed with Pike. This discovery deepens his feelings for her and makes him reflect on their relationship.

Jordan is trying to keep herself distracted with work and games, but the tension is palpable. She’s also dealing with her feelings for Pike and the complications their relationship brings. Amidst all this, Jordan is also dealing with her job at a hotel, where she encounters a group of demanding customers.

Part 5 – How Does “Birthday Girl” Book End?

A significant turning point occurs when Pike proposes to Jordan, promising her a future together once she finishes her degree. This moment is filled with anticipation and excitement, but also uncertainty about their future.

After Pike proposes to Jordan, she is initially shocked and overwhelmed. She reacts by saying, “Are you kidding me right now? I’m covered in mud!”. This suggests that she wasn’t expecting the proposal at that moment, but it doesn’t provide a clear answer to whether she accepted the proposal or not.

Following the proposal, there’s a significant confrontation involving Pike and Jay, Jordan’s ex-boyfriend. Pike physically attacks Jay, which leads to a chaotic scene. This incident seems to be a result of Jay’s offensive comments and provocation.

In the midst of this, Cole, Pike’s son, discovers the relationship between Jordan and Pike. He seems shocked and confused, asking, “You two?”. This revelation adds another layer of complexity to their situation.

Feeling overwhelmed by everything that’s happening. She expresses a desire to wake up and not recognize anything about her life. She leaves her job and hits the road with nowhere to go, marking a significant turning point in the story.

However, the story doesn’t end there. Pike is left feeling empty and misses Jordan terribly. He reflects on his actions and realizes that he wasn’t ready to let Jordan go. He hopes to see her again, indicating that he still has strong feelings for her.

In the end, Jordan and Pike do end up together. After a year, they are seen sharing an intimate moment, with Pike declaring, “We can take ’em”.

The story ends on a hopeful note, with Pike and Jordan planning a trip away together. Pike promises to give Jordan and their kids his complete attention during the trip, highlighting his commitment to their unconventional family

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