Siege And Storm Book Summary – by Leigh Bardugo

Seige And Storm Book Summary
Seige And Storm Book Summary

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In the thrilling sequel to Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm takes us on a journey filled with political intrigue, romance, and the struggle for power. Alina and Mal find themselves on the run from the Darkling, facing challenges that test their relationship and their own abilities. With a very compelling storytelling and characters, Siege and Storm surpasses its predecessor, leaving readers craving for more in the Grishaverse.

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Actual Book Length: 435

First Published in: 2013

Siege And Storm is the second book in the trilogy “Shadow And Bone” book series. It is the sequel to Shadow And Bone while the third book is Ruin & Rising. The trilogy collectively with another 3 spin off books in the same universe are called “Grishaverse“.

The trilogy was adapted into a Netflix TV Series as well. The series was released on April, 2021 and was named Shadow And Bone itself.

Below is the detailed yet quick Siege And Storm book summary:

Part 1

Our tale begins in the aftermath of “Shadow and Bone”, with Alina Starkov and Malyen “Mal” Oretsev, childhood confidants, escaping the clutches of Ravka on a trading ship. Alina, a rare Grisha or Sun Summoner, possesses formidable light-summoning abilities, rivaled only by the malevolent Darkling. This wicked puppeteer manipulated Alina into wearing a magical amplifier, a stag’s antlers, to augment her summoning capabilities before grotesquely expanding the Fold, decimating the town of Novokribirsk. It was this moment of harsh revelation that drove Alina to rebel against the Darkling and chart a course to freedom with Mal.

However, the opening of “Siege and Storm” finds our duo’s fleeting peace abruptly terminated in Novyi Zem, as they’re ambushed by the Darkling and his Grisha minions. A ship, commanded by Ravkan privateer Sturmhond and his diverse crew including the towering Tolya and his twin sister, Tamar from Shu Han, becomes their prison. The Darkling’s new obsession, the sea whip—a second amplifier—forces Mal into a dangerous tracking mission. In a surprising twist, Sturmhond regains control. This enables Alina and Mal’s escape, and revealing a secret benefactor who outbid the Darkling.

Alina, intent on enhancing her prowess, incorporates the sea whip’s scales into her armament. The revelation of a third amplifier, the firebird, whets her ambition. Though her pursuit is delayed by an unexpected revelation—Sturmhond is actually Nikolai Lantsov, the Ravkan prince in disguise. His grand design to ascend the throne of Ravka requires Alina’s aid and, he hopes, her hand in marriage. However, Alina rebuffs his proposal, demanding leadership of the Second Army, a cadre of formidable Grisha soldiers. Acquiescing, Nikolai inducts Mal as head of Alina’s private guard, which includes Tolya and Tamar, thus creating a tentative alliance.

Part 2

En route to Os Alta, Alina encounters a cult venerating her as a saint. As the new commander, she establishes a war council representing all Grisha factions. While facing political challenges, Alina is haunted by vivid, uncanny appearances of the Darkling.

Personal tensions rise as Mal and Alina drift apart. Their relationship strained by her devotion to duty and his indulgence in reckless behavior. Alina’s growing connection with Nikolai leads to a near-romantic moment, which Nikolai wisely averts. Amidst these tribulations, Alina’s chilling visions of the Darkling escalate, pushing her further into despair. A chance incident in Os Alta reveals a clue to the firebird’s location, near Alina’s birthplace, prompting Mal to pursue this lead.

Nikolai’s birthday celebration is interrupted by an unanticipated betrayal and an ensuing onslaught by the Darkling’s forces, ending in tragedy and bloodshed. Alina and Mal rush to the Grisha’s Little Palace, only to discover a horrifying massacre. Cornered by the Darkling, Alina makes a selfless move to protect her comrades.

Her sacrifice leads to a moment of revelation, where she discovers her ability to drain the Darkling’s power. Amid the chaos, Mal swoops in to save Alina, leading them to safety through an underground passage as their sanctuary crumbles. Healing from their ordeal, they traverse caves to reach the White Cathedral, signaling a rebirth for Alina, embodying her transformation and setting the stage for what lies ahead.

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