Maybe Someday Book Summary – By Colleen Hoover

Maybe Someday Book Summary
Maybe Someday Book Summary

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“Maybe Someday” by Colleen Hoover is a tale of love and music that unfolds through the intertwined perspectives of Sydney and Ridge. After a devastating betrayal, Sydney finds solace in the arms of Ridge, a talented musician who becomes her confidant and more. As their connection deepens, they navigate their complex emotions and the challenges that threaten to tear them apart.

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Actual Book Length: 384

First Published in: 2014

Maybe Someday happens to be the first book in the Coolleen Hoover’s series “Maybe” while there’s a second book titled “Maybe Now” which was released in 2018.

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Part 1

In the gloomy aftermath of her devastating discovery, Sydney Blake finds herself in the rain, exiled from her own apartment due to her boyfriend Hunter’s affair with her roommate, Tori. She’s soon welcomed by her neighbor Ridge into his apartment, despite her irritation over his delayed revelation about the affair.

Just a fortnight prior, Sydney had found solace in Ridge’s guitar melodies resonating from the opposite apartment. Ridge, grappling with writer’s block, was intrigued by the lyrics Sydney silently mouthed to his tunes. After some hesitation, Sydney shares her penned words, which are greatly admired by Ridge and his brother Brennan. As a result, Sydney gets roped in as a songwriter for their band, ‘Sounds of Cedar’. Simultaneously, Ridge grapples with his decision to withhold the painful truth of Hunter and Tori’s affair from Sydney.

Fast forward to Sydney’s 22nd birthday, Ridge finally reveals Hunter’s infidelity, leading to Sydney moving into Ridge’s apartment. Surprised to discover that Ridge is deaf, Sydney learns to communicate with him through texts. They find solace in each other’s company, sharing personal anecdotes and creating music together. One evening, they find themselves entwined in a close embrace, only to be interrupted by a knock at the door. The visitor is Ridge’s girlfriend of five years, Maggie, a fact he reluctantly discloses to a stunned Sydney.

Part 2

Later, as Sydney celebrates her birthday at a club with Maggie, she’s caught in a whirlpool of emotions. She is grappling with jealousy over Maggie and noticing Ridge’s discomfort over her bond with Warren.

Amidst all this, Ridge and Sydney share deeply personal stories. Ridge opens up about his deafness and troubled upbringing while Sydney speaks of her decision to pursue music against her father’s wishes. Yet again, they find themselves lulled to sleep together, only to be woken by Warren.

Ridge and Sydney soon reunite to weave magic with their song “Maybe Someday”. It’s a heartfelt expression of their burgeoning affection and yearning to be together. The song culminates in a shared kiss, leaving them guilt-ridden and pondering over long texts to each other. They agree on not to act on their feelings. Yet, they continue to churn out songs together, the lyrics reflecting their inner struggles and shared longing, their intimacy growing with each musical collaboration.

Preparations for Warren’s birthday finds Ridge confiding in Sydney about his past, something he’s never shared with Maggie. The ensuing party sees a nervous Sydney indulging in alcohol, with a tipsy Maggie joining in.

Ridge ends up taking care of both women throughout the night, ultimately penning a plea on Sydney’s hand, asking her to move out. Before she gets a chance to decipher the message, Sydney wakes up the next morning to discover an unconscious Maggie. That’s when she learns about her cystic fibrosis-related diabetes. After a frantic rush to the hospital, Sydney finally understands Ridge’s scribbled message.

Part 3 – How Does “Maybe Someday” Book End?

In the hospital, Maggie rebuffs Ridge’s offer to move in with him, emphasizing her need for autonomy. Back at their shared apartment, Warren offers solace to Sydney while sharing the deep-rooted history of Ridge and Maggie’s relationship. With a heavy heart, Ridge bids Sydney farewell, breaking his 15 years of silence to voice his profound feelings for her. A well-timed text from Maggie reveals her knowledge of Ridge and Sydney’s prior intimate encounter, sending Ridge into a frenzy to find her.

Moving out, Sydney makes a fresh start, while Ridge heads to San Antonio in a futile attempt to reconcile with Maggie. She sets him free, citing her craving for independence. After three long weeks, Ridge finds his way to Sydney’s new apartment, the reunion marked by a fervent kiss. Yet, Sydney hesitates, afraid of Ridge’s undying commitment to Maggie. Ridge lays bare his feelings for Sydney in a heartfelt letter, promising patience until she is ready for a relationship.

Fast forward three months, and Ridge is busy preparing for a show with Brennan and Warren, his music inspired by his love for Sydney. Warren persuades Sydney to attend the gig, without hinting at Ridge’s involvement. The show sees Ridge performing his heartfelt compositions, an open declaration of his love for Sydney, and a musical plea for their togetherness. Sydney’s response is an embrace and a kiss. Back at her place, Sydney confesses her love for Ridge in American Sign Language, and they share a night of passion.

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