I Too Had A Love Story by Ravinder Singh – Book Summary

I Too Had a Love Story - Book Summary
I Too Had a Love Story - Book Summary

I Too Had A Love Story is a romantic novel written by Ravinder Singh who has narrated his very own story in this book. The simplicity and honesty with which this book is written is what will catch the attention of the reader and make them believe the events of the novel.

Summary Read Time: Less than 4 minutes

Actual Book Length: 208

First Published in: 2003

Below is the detailed yet quick summary of the book:

Chapter 1 – Reunion

Ravin and his three friends were catching up and laughing at the bay of river Hooghly in Kolkata. It was their reunion after three years.

They started talking about their future plans and realized that they will have to get married soon. One of the friends, Amardeep, talked about the matrimonial website shaadi.com.

After the reunion, they went back to their respective workplaces.

One day, Ravin saw an advertisement for shaadi.com while he was checking his emails. The ad showed a beautiful girl smiling and looking for her perfect match, so Ravin clicked it and reached the website. He made his profile and started searching for his own perfect match.

Part 2 – Khushi & One Step Closer

Ravin got a message from Khushi one evening, saying she wanted to talk. Ravin, before dialling her number, checked her profile and realized she was perfect for him. They talked for an hour before Ravin realized this.

Ravin and Khushi had a lot in common. They were both born in February, loved music, and had studied CAT in the same institute. When Ravin finally met Khushi on the matrimony website, he was impressed by her demeanor.

As they spoke with each other more frequently, they started to get to know one another better. Eventually, they decided to tell their parents about the relationship.

Part 3: Face 2 Face

Even after three months of talking online, they hadn’t met face to face. Ravin’s upcoming trip to the US finally gave them this opportunity. Ravin had planned to work on a one-month on-site project in the US, and his flight was from Delhi. He decided to meet Khushi in person as Faridabad was only three hours away from Delhi.

The day finally arrived when Ravin met Khushi. She was even more beautiful in person. He met her mother and sister as well. After the meeting, he went to the United States. It was tough for Khushi because she wasn’t able to talk to him very often because of his busy schedule. Khushi missed him a lot that month.

Part 4: Return

Ravin finally completed his work and booked a ticket for India. The next day, his airplane landed in Delhi, where Khushi was waiting for him. He went to a hotel that Khushi had already booked. After meeting Khushi and her family, he went back to Bhubaneswar.

After dating for some time, Khushi and her father decided it was time to take their relationship to the next level by setting a date for the engagement. Khushi’s father went to Faridabad to talk about when would be the best time to have the ring ceremony, and they both decided that it should be held on February 14th, which was a month later.

With only three days left until the ring ceremony, both families began their preparations. Khushi went to her office to apply for a leave of absence, as it was her last day of work before the big event.

Part 5: The Unexpected

Unfortunately, she met with an accident on her way back from the office. She was rushed to a local hospital where she was put in the ICU due to her serious injuries. When Ravin found out, he was shocked. After two weeks of failed attempts, they decided to move her to Apollo hospital in Delhi as it was their last hope.

Although there were some improvements made, she was still in danger while at Apollo. Her blood pressure constantly dropping was a major concern and despite all their efforts, they were unable to save her. Ravin’s Khushi had passed away and he was in complete shock as he had lost his future soul mate.

This book by Ravinder Singh does not have a happy ending as it leave the reader heart wrenching with its last part.

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