The Darkest Temptation by Danielle Lori – Book Summary

The Darkest Temptation Book Summary
The Darkest Temptation Book Summary

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“The Darkest Temptation” is the third book in the Made series by Danielle Lori. It’s a thrilling and passionate story focusing on Mila Mikhailov & Ronan Allister. While Mila is a sheltered young woman seeking answers about her father, Ronan is a powerful Russian mobster with a vendetta against Mila’s father.

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Actual Book Length: 410

First Published in: 2020

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Part 1

Mila Mikhailov lives a privileged life in Miami, has always followed her father’s rules and expectations. Mila suspects that her father is keeping something from her and decides to take matters into her own hands. She travels to Moscow, her birthplace, to uncover the truth. Mila’s father has always kept her away from her birthplace, Russia, and has never answered her questions about his frequent absences.

Upon her arrival in Moscow, Mila is attacked and narrowly escapes an attempted rape. During her frantic escape, she runs into the arms of Ronan Allister, a tall, dark, and handsome man who appears to be her savior. Unknown to Mila, Ronan and her father are rival mobsters, and Ronan has orchestrated their encounter to capture her. His plan is to use Mila as bait to draw out her father so he can exact revenge for a past betrayal.

Mila is taken captive by Ronan, but as they spend time together, an undeniable attraction develops between them. This complicates Ronan’s plans, as he struggles to reconcile his desire for revenge with his growing feelings for Mila. As Mila learns more about Ronan’s world and her own family’s secrets, she begins to question everything she thought she knew about her father and her own identity.

The story unfolds with Mila and Ronan navigating the treacherous world of the Russian mafia, where loyalty, betrayal, and power struggles abound. Mila discovers her father’s dark secrets and the reasons behind his actions, which leads her to question her own loyalties. Meanwhile, Ronan grapples with his emotions and the consequences of his vendetta against Mila’s father.

Part 2

Mila and Ronan find themselves more deeply entangled in the complex and dangerous world of the Russian mafia. As they continue to unravel the secrets of their families and the criminal underworld, their love for each other grows stronger. This puts both of them in greater danger.

Mila’s search for the truth leads her to uncover her father’s involvement in criminal activities. She discovers his huge connections to the rival mafia families. As she delves deeper into the dark world she was sheltered from, she discovers that her father’s actions were driven by a need to protect her from harm. This revelation forces Mila to reevaluate her loyalties and decide where her own allegiances lie.

Ronan, on the other hand, struggles with his initial desire for revenge against Mila’s father and his growing love for Mila. He is torn between his duty and the feelings he has for the daughter of his enemy. As Ronan learns more about the reasons behind the feud between the mafia families, he realizes that the situation is far more complex than he initially believed.

Ronan and Mila’s father ultimately end up setting a trade in a tense and precarious situation, where the rivals come face-to-face to negotiate a deal. However, the atmosphere is thick with mistrust and the potential for violence.

During the trade, tensions escalate as both parties remain on high alert, aware of the potential for a double-cross. As the situation unfolds, an unexpected turn of events leads to chaos, with guns being drawn and shots being fired. In the midst of this chaos, Mila ends up getting caught in the crossfire and is shot.

Part 3

Desperate to save her life, Ronan rushes her to the hospital, where she receives the necessary medical care. During her recovery, Mila has a heart-to-heart conversation with her father and ultimately decides she does not want to maintain a relationship with him.

Mila realizes that she needs time to heal and find her own path. She tells the same to Ronan and returns to Miami, accompanied by her loyal German Shepherd, Khaos. She starts a new chapter in her life by pursuing a modeling career. This decision allows her to regain her sense of independence and self-worth, away from the dangerous world she left behind in Moscow.

Four months later, Ronan unexpectedly shows up in Miami to surprise Mila. He is determined to prove his love for her and demonstrate that he is willing to put her well-being above everything else. Overwhelmed by his gesture, Mila realizes that she has never stopped loving him, despite the challenges they faced together.

Ronan then asks Mila to return to Moscow with him and marry him. He offers her a future where they can face whatever obstacles come their way as a united front. Touched by his sincerity and the depth of his love, Mila agrees to his proposal, and the couple starts planning their life together.

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