Love On The Brain by Ali Hazelwood – Book Summary

Love On The Brain by ALi Hazelwood Book Summary
Love On The Brain by ALi Hazelwood Book Summary

Love On The Brain is one of the most celebrated romance novels in recent times. Written by Ali Hazelwood, this book is a rom com in which a scientist is forced to work on a big project with her nemesis which ends up with some explosive results.

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Actual Book Length: 368 pages

First Published: 23rd August, 2022

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Part 1

The novel is centred around 2 characters named Bee Königswasser who is a scientist and is craving for a big opportunity to lead a project for NASA and Dr Levi Ward who is a tall, dark and attractive guy.

What’s interesting is, they both were colleagues in their grad school but with a bad track record as Levi used to consider Bee his arch-nemesis. He clearly let her know his thoughts that he wants to get rid of her as soon as possible.

Ironically, Bee does get the opportunity to lead a neuroengineering project for NASA. But she soon gets to know that Levi Ward will be a co-lead in this project. The thought of working together with Levi makes Bee nervous that how will it work out.

Upon their arrival, as Bee had expected things didn’t go easy. They both need to coordinate properly for the project to succeed. But Levi does not care to respond to Bee well and ignores lots of her emails. As far as Bee is concerned, she has decided that she will do everything possible to make this project a success so that her career flies post this.

But then things start to change, Levi starts responding to Bee in a good manner. Both of them start syncing well, so much that Levi even saves Bee 2 times. Though Bee is prepared mentally and does not want to be fooled by Levi in any manner as she remembers what all went down in past.

Part 2

What happens next is an interesting set of things. Some of which happened due to miscommunication between two but it ends up in a lot of cute and funny moments. That keeps the reader entertained and hooked in the whole story.

The story has been narrated by Bee and both of them are seen with an amazing sense of humor even though they’re shown brainiacs as per their field.

Bee has been shown as a feminist as she very well wants to prove her point. She wants to make her place on the basis of her merit. While Levi is a lot more than just an attractive man as a whole lot goes through his brilliant mind. Both of the characters are narrated very well as they stand up for each other and make a positive impact in their lives.

So, if you liked the summary, you may go on to get the book and give it a full read.

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