Below Zero by Ali Hazelwood – Book Summary

Below Zero Book Summary
Below Zero Book Summary

3 Sentence Summary

Below Zero is the final novella in The STEMinist Novellas series by Ali Hazelwood. It offers a thrilling romance set around Hannah and Ian in NASA and the Arctic. With endearing characters, hilarious scenarios, and passionate moments, this short and steamy read is a must for romance lovers.

Summary Read Time: Approx 4 minutes

Actual Book Length: 139

First Published in: 2022

Below Zero is the 3rd and final novella in The STEMinist Novellas Series by Ali Hazelwood while Under The Roof is the first one. In case you haven’t read the first 2 novellas, you can go through their summaries here:

Below is the detailed yet quick Under One Roof summary:

Part 1

Hannah, a brilliant and determined scientist, is on a mission to study the effects of climate change on the Antarctic ecosystem. She is passionate about her work and is willing to go to great lengths to gather the data she needs. However, she is also a bit of a loner, preferring the company of her research to that of other people. Despite her solitary nature, Hannah is a deeply empathetic character who cares deeply about the world and the creatures that inhabit it.

Ian, on the other hand, is a seasoned pilot with a reputation for being a bit of a daredevil. He is tasked with transporting Hannah to her research site and is initially unimpressed with her single-minded dedication to her work. However, as the story progresses, Ian begins to admire Hannah’s determination and commitment to her cause. Despite his tough exterior, Ian is a deeply caring individual who is willing to put his life on the line to protect those he cares about.

The story takes a dramatic turn when a sudden storm causes their plane to crash, leaving Hannah and Ian stranded in the middle of the Antarctic wilderness. With no hope of immediate rescue, they must rely on each other to survive. Despite their initial differences, Hannah and Ian quickly realize that they must work together if they are to make it out alive.

As they struggle to survive, Hannah and Ian begin to form a deep bond. They share stories of their pasts, dreams of their futures, and slowly, a romance begins to blossom. Despite the harsh conditions and the constant threat of danger, Hannah and Ian find comfort and warmth in each other’s company.

Part 2

However, their survival is not guaranteed. The harsh Antarctic conditions take a toll on their bodies and spirits. They face numerous challenges, including freezing temperatures, limited food supplies, and the constant threat of predators. Despite these hardships, Hannah and Ian refuse to give up. They push each other to keep going, drawing strength from their shared determination to survive.

As the days turn into weeks, Hannah and Ian’s relationship deepens. They share their deepest fears and hopes, and in the process, they fall in love. Despite the dire circumstances, they find moments of joy and intimacy in each other’s company. Their relationship becomes a beacon of hope in the bleak Antarctic wilderness.

However, their situation becomes increasingly desperate. Their food supplies are dwindling, and their physical condition is deteriorating. Despite their best efforts, it seems that their chances of survival are slim. In these desperate moments, Hannah and Ian make a pact: if they don’t make it out alive, they will die together.

In a dramatic climax, Hannah and Ian are finally rescued. They are both physically and emotionally exhausted, but they are alive. They are taken back where they must adjust to their new reality. They are hailed as heroes, but all they care about is being together.

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